The celestial objects floating in a pre-determined, calculated and orderly manner. On January 26, 2024, Huaxing’s 2023 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference and New Year Annual Meeting Ceremony were grandly held in Wuxi. Three years after the epidemic ended, the Huaxing people gathered together again and had a great time.
The past eight years have been full of challenges and difficulties, and it has also been an eight-year period for Huaxing East Co. to work together and forge ahead in unity. The theme of this annual meeting is "Innovation and Stimulating the Future". Staff and representatives from Huaxing headquarters, branches and manufacturing centers in Wuxi, Xuancheng, Anhui, Xuchang, Suzhou, Taizhou and other places attended the meeting and at the gala dinner, some employees were still working in engineering positions across the country.
In the past eight years, we have invested in the construction of the Anhui Manufacturing Center and the new Wuxi Manufacturing Center, and purchased the office building of the Wuxi Research and Innovation Building, which has provided a strong guarantee for the quality control and delivery of the company's products and improved the company's R&D conditions. During the eight years, the company overcame the difficulties of the epidemic and completed a total of 35 projects in municipalities and provincial capitals, consolidating the company's leading position in the industry. In the past eight years, the company's technical department has completed the research and development of the HTCD process, implemented the technology introduction and product transformation and export of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries catalysts, and developed core technologies such as Longyou and Bazhou waste heat recovery and sludge drying, laying the foundation for the company's subsequent healthy development leading technological advantages. Participated in the drafting and editor-in-chief of the "Technical Regulations for Sodium-Alkali Wet Flue Gas Deacidification System of Waste-to-Energy Power Plant", which established the company's industry position as a technology leader in the field of flue gas cleaning in the waste incineration industry.
Looking back on the past, we have been through thick and thin together. During the eight years of ups and downs, Huaxing people have been adhering to the core corporate values of "integrity, innovation, professionalism and efficiency" and have been highly involved in the field of domestic waste incineration flue gas treatment. Dreams set sail, chasing dreams, our footsteps have never stopped; to create brilliance, we work together to meet opportunities and challenges; to ignite passion, we burn our previous dreams; to review eight years of history and open a new chapter. At the annual meeting, company executives issued outstanding employee certificates to 20 Huaxing people. We hope that everyone will continue to work hard to improve in the New year and make more contributions to the development of the company.
All the programs at this annual meeting were rehearsed and performed by employees according to their style, including the dance medley "Good Luck Comes from the East", the songs "Standing Waiting for You for Three Thousand Years", "Sudden Self", "Youth Dance", and "Real Heroes" , the street dance solo, the folk dance "Western Style", and the versatile Huaxing people showed their enthusiastic spirit at this moment. The lottery links and mini-games interspersed in it aroused wave after wave of climaxes.
The spirit is like a torch and the faith is like a rock. The stories of the past are taking root and blooming; the prelude of the future is about to be played. In 2024, looking forward to the future, we once again stand at the starting point under the rising sun, set sail and go with the wind, and write a new chapter with constant self-improvement. In the new year, Huaxing people work together, strengthen their beliefs, carry forward the guiding force of innovation, improve scientific and technological productivity, prove their potential and strive to become the leading entity in the international solid waste field with multiple technology types, high manufacturing standards and large production capacity in the industry. The environmental protection company is moving forward to jointly paint a beautiful environmental picture of blue sky and white clouds!
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