The FGC project  constructed by Huaxing for Caofeidian waste incineration power plant in Tangshan, Hebei passed 72+24 hours trial operation on June 14, 2022.

该项目建设日均处理生活垃圾500t/d,配置1×500t/d机械炉排炉+1×10MW凝汽式汽轮发电机组。烟气处理采用“SNCR(炉内喷氨水)(非本次合同范围内)+半干反应塔(石灰浆溶液)(非本次合同范围内)+干法(消石灰干粉)(非本次合同范围内)+活性炭喷射吸附(非本次合同范围内)+小苏打研磨+布袋除尘工艺 (非本次合同范围内)+SGH(蒸汽-烟气换热)+SCR(氨水)+催化剂(三菱重工)”的烟气净化工艺,为我司EPC工程。
The plant has an average waste treatment capacity of 500 t/d, equiped with 1 × 500 t/d mechanical grate + 1 × 10 MW condensate steam turbine generator. The FGC adopted the process of "SNCR with in-furnace ammonia solution injection (not the scope of contract) + semi-dry reaction tower with lime slurry solution (not the scope of contract) + dry method with lime powder (not the scope of contract) + activated carbon injection adsorption (not the scope of contract) + activated carbon injection adsorption (not the scope of contract) + sodium bicarbonate grinding + bag filter (not the scope of contract)+ SGH (steam-gas heat exchange) + SCR with ammonia solution+ Catalyst (MHI)". It is an EPC project of Huaxing.
鉴于新发布的DB13/ 5325—2021河北省《生活垃圾焚烧大气污染控制标准》要求新建生活垃圾焚烧炉污染物执行新标准。而曹妃甸焚烧厂在最初的建设规划中未及时签订SCR系统,在项目即将投产阶段,我司承接了该项目的SCR系统,因此该项目在河北地区具有非常典型的工期示范效应。
In view of the newly issued DB13/5325-2021 Standard for “Air Pollution Control on Municipal Waste Incineration” in Hebei Province requires lower pollutants from newly-built waste incinerators; however, Caofeidian incineration plant did not sign the SCR system in time in the initial construction plan. At the stage when the plant is about to be put into production, Huaxing undertook the SCR system for the plant. Therefore, the plant demostrated a very typical construction period in Hebei.

As a domestic professional leading supplier of flue gas cleaning (FGC) system, Huaxing East has provided favorable and guaranteed hardware for the plant to be put into production in a limited period by virtue of its own factory's advantages of step-by-step design, delivery, and installation, as well as the international division of production steps of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' collaborative design, manufacturing, and inspection. To ensure the FGC for Caofeidian WTE plant is put into operation as scheduled, from the date of entering the site for construction on March 1, 2022, Huaxing successfully completed the delivery objectives in three months with quality and quantity guaranteed ahead of schedule by means of factory integrated production, reasonable delivery plan, inverted schedule, optimized construction organization design, shifting workgroup, cross operation, quality supervision, and safety measures.

Through short-term transformation complying the new Hebei provincial standard, as a microcosm of the improvement of China's air protection & emission control, the SCR project shows the profund accumulation of Huaxing in the supply of SCR and exclusive low-temperature catalyst. In many years of engineering practice, the establishment of multiple self-owned core equipment manufacturing plants is the core guarantee capability of an engineering company for performance, delivery date, quality, and after-sales service. Meanwhile, Huaxing delivered fast SCR and technical transformation services for customers in Shahe, North Zhangjiakou, Weichang, Dingzhou, Baoding, Caofeidian, Luanzhou, Tangshan, Shijiazhuang, etc. within limited time.

Adhering to the belief of "Integrity, Innovation, Professionalism, and Efficiency", Huaxing stuff have always maintained ethics and fulfilled mission. As an advanced enterprise in the field of air governance in the industry, Huaxing East has provided the industry with a successful design template for low-temperature SCR applications since the Nanjing Jiangbei Plant, and is drafting and preparing a low temperature SCR design procedure in the field of waste incineration. Huaxing has been committed to the development and practice of more advanced emission technologies. As an important participant in the industry, Huaxing has accumulated FGC references for more than 200 incineration plants, nearly 500 incineration lines, providing FGC equipment, design, and engineering services. Among them, there are more than 70 incineration plants and more than 100 incineration lines equiped with SCR system.
The achievements of Huaxing East in Hebei Province include Xia Nenxin of Shijiazhuang, Hengshui, Caofeidian, Weichang, Baoding phase I & II, Shunping, Tangshan phase I & II, North Zhangjiakou, Gu'an, Xianghe, Dingzhou, Cangzhou phase I, Shijiazhuang, Anping, luanzhou, Shahe, etc.
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